Purchasing a ticket

Tickets can be purchased in advance from our vendors in singles or in books of 10; from a ticket vending machine at a CTrain station for same day use; by using the My Fare app; or by using the Transit app. They are valid for 90 minutes both on the CTrain and bus, and can be used to ride anywhere along the system.

  • My Fare app

    My Fare is a mobile ticketing app that lets you buy tickets and passes anytime from anywhere, using your smartphone. Just download the app and purchase tickets. It’s fast, easy, and available any time you’re on the go.

  • Ticket vending machine

    When using the CTrain, tickets can be purchased at the station from a ticket vending machine. Tickets purchased from a ticket vending machine become valid immediately; and are not valid for future use or beyond 90 minutes. If you have purchased your tickets in advance, from a vendor, be sure to validate the ticket at the ticket vending machine before entering the fare restricted zone.

Ticket validation & transfers

If you’re transferring to a bus after using the CTrain, show the validated ticket to the bus driver when you board. If you purchased your ticket using My Fare or Transit, you can validate it in the applicable app before you board your bus or enter the fare restricted zone. When using the bus, you can pay with a single ticket or cash by depositing into the fare box on the bus.  If you need a transfer, just ask the driver.

For fare prices, click here.

More information about where to buy ticket books can be found here.