My Fare

What is My Fare?

My Fare is a mobile ticketing app that lets you buy tickets and passes anytime from anywhere, using your smartphone. Just download the app and purchase tickets. It’s fast, easy, and available any time you’re on the go.

How to use My Fare

Download the My Fare app.

Then it’s easy to buy your fare:

  1. Complete a one-time account setup (optional) using your myID account.
  2. Select "Buy Ticket."
  3. Choose your ticket type.
  4. NEW! Starting May 14th, you’ll be prompted to enter your address as a new security measure, then enter your payment info*. The pass will be delivered instantly to your ticket wallet. 
    • *You can also store your payment information for future use. You’ll just need to remember your CVV number each time you buy a fare.
    • If you’d like, you can also make your My Fare ticket purchase on our online customer portal and send it to the app on your phone. Just sign in using the same username and password that you use on the My Fare app. Please note if you’re sending a ticket or pass to another person’s phone (e.g. your child), you’ll need to sign into the portal with their username and password.
  5. Activate your ticket just prior to boarding your bus or entering the fare restricted area at a CTrain station.
  6. Scan your ticket on the onboard scanner on your bus, or show it to a Calgary Transit Peace Officer, if requested.
My Fare app


What is My Fare?

My Fare is a mobile ticketing app that allows you to purchase and use fare products such as regular monthly and day passes, airport boarding pass, and single ride tickets  directly from your mobile device.

You can also use your low income, and low income or regular senior passes on My Fare. Please visit for details.

How do I get My Fare?

The app is free to download and is available on Google Play or the App Store.

Is My Fare available on all devices?

My Fare is available on the majority of iOS or Android devices installed with the current or previous major version operating system. Older versions of software may not be supported.

How do I use My Fare?

After downloading My Fare, either create an account or continue as a guest, then select the product you wish to buy, enter your credit card payment information, and confirm your transaction. The purchased product/s will be electronically delivered to your My Fare ticket wallet and a receipt for your purchase will automatically be sent to your email address.

Do I need to set up an account to be able to use mobile tickets?

If you’d like, you can create an account using your myID account information. If not, you will just need to provide a valid email address to enable a receipt to be emailed to you for the purchase your product. If you do create an account, you can stay signed in, but you’ll be asked to enter your account information every 14 days.

Note: if you want to purchase a monthly pass, low income pass, or low income or regular senior pass, you’ll need a myID account.

Are there any fees for using mobile ticketing?

My Fare is free to download. Fare products purchased using the app cost the same as those purchased from our vendors or at a ticket vending machine (there are no additional fees).

When using the app, please be aware that carrier charges may apply for data usage. Calgary Transit is not responsible for any mobile carrier charges incurred as a result of purchasing a mobile product or downloading the My Fare app.

What types of products can I purchase with My Fare?

You can purchase the following products through My Fare:

  • Adult and Youth monthly pass (calendar month)
  • Adult and Youth day pass
  • Adult and Youth single tickets
  • Airport Boarding Pass
  • Adult, Youth and Senior low income passes*
  • Senior pass*

*for details about low income and senior passes on My Fare, visit

What payment options are available to purchase fare products?

You can purchase a product using a credit card. My Fare currently accepts Visa/Visa Debit and Mastercard/Mastercard Debit and American Express. Payment can also be made through ApplePay.

Are receipts available for my mobile purchase?

Yes. Once you purchase your mobile ticket a receipt will automatically be sent to the email address associated with your account.

If you do not have an account, you will just need to provide a valid email address to enable a receipt to be emailed to you for the purchase of your product.

You can request an additional receipt by going into your ticket history, selecting the ticket you’d like a receipt for and clicking the “Actions” button. There you’ll find an option to request a ticket receipt.

Receipts are also available on the online customer portal.

How does a monthly pass work?

Monthly passes are valid for one calendar month (e.g. November 1-30). A monthly pass can be purchased from the 15th of the previous calendar month until the 14th of the month that the pass is valid for (e.g. a November pass can be purchased any time from October 15 to November 14). After the 14th, only the following month’s pass is available.

A monthly pass must be activated before riding on transit and can be activated on or any time after the 1st of the month it’s valid for (e.g. you can activate a November pass any time from November 1 to November 30).

How and when should I activate my mobile ticket?

You MUST activate your ticket or pass prior to boarding a Transit vehicle or prior to entering a fare restricted area. Be ready to scan your pass or ticket at the onboard validator when boarding a vehicle or show to a Calgary Transit official upon request.

Your purchased product/s can be found in your Ticket Wallet on the main screen of the My Fare application.

How do I use the app to show my ticket?

A valid ticket on My Fare displays a bar code and a moving visual ticket. On a bus, you will scan the bar code on the lower screen of the onboard validator.  If asked, you can show the ticket to a Calgary Transit bus driver or peace officer for visual validation. While CTrains don’t have onboard validators, you can use the app to ride the CTrain.

Do I need to scan my ticket or pass each time I travel?

Yes, a valid ticket or pass must be activated for each trip.

Can I transfer to other routes with a mobile ticket or pass?

Yes. You can use the same mobile ticket or pass to transfer to other fixed routes, as well as Calgary Transit Access and On Demand vehicles.

  • Single tickets are still valid within the 90-minute limit.
  • Day passes are valid until 2:00 a.m. the day following activation.

Can I activate more than one ticket at a time?

My Fare supports up to five (5) single tickets or two (2) day passes purchased in one single transaction, and up to 10 single tickets and four (4) day passes purchased in one day. Single tickets or day passes cannot be transferred to someone else’s phone.

When using a single phone for a group, the rider possessing the phone with the activated passes will need to scan each pass at the onboard validator.

Do My Fare tickets or passes expire?

  • Monthly passes are only valid for the month purchased.
  • Each single ticket and day pass is valid for seven (7) days from date of purchase. This seven-day expiry is in place to protect against improper use - like buying a ticket and not validating it while on transit.
  • Unused mobile tickets past their validity period will appear as EXPIRED and will no longer be accepted for travel nor will they be valid for refund.

How do I know when my single ride ticket will expire?

After you’ve activated your ticket, you can check how much time you have left by tapping the “Details” button at the bottom of the ticket screen. On the next screen, it will show the expiration time beside “Valid to.”

How does the driver/peace officer know that my ticket is valid?

  • Mobile tickets are validated through the fixed on-board validators on vehicles.
  • They can also be validated by using visual inspection.
  • Hand-held inspection devices may be used by Peace Officers to digitally scan a ticket using the barcode functionality.

My bus has a ticket onboard validator on it. What do I do?

Please tap the bar code on the lower screen of the onboard validator. An audible beep and a coloured screen will identify the ticket as valid for use.

What do I do if a Transit official asks to see my mobile ticket?

Each ticket includes a visual validation bar as well as a unique barcode that will occasionally be scanned by Transit officials as part of an inspection process. Please present your mobile ticket for inspection, if requested.

What if I activated my ticket by mistake; can I deactivate it?

No, tickets cannot be deactivated. 

I bought a ticket but the app isn't showing it. What's wrong?

It’s possible that you haven’t activated your ticket. You can check by selecting your ticket wallet from the home screen. The ticket wallet will show all the tickets/passes you’ve purchased. If your ticket/pass says “Inactive,” you’ll need to activate it before boarding your bus or entering the paid fare area. Select the ticket/pass you wish to use and tap the green “Activate Ticket” button. A screen will pop up, letting you know your ticket details. Tap “Agree and Continue” and your activated ticket will show on your screen.

Will my mobile ticket still work if I lose cell phone service?

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or WIFI services to activate and display a ticket. You do need connectivity, however, to purchase a ticket or login into your My Fare account,, which must be done prior to boarding.

If you lose cell phone service after activating and boarding the vehicle you will be able to activate and display the ticket from the ticket wallet.

What if my phone stops working prior to showing my ticket?

You are responsible for having a mobile phone in good working order and usable prior to boarding and through the duration of your trip. If your mobile phone is inoperable, it is expected that you would use some other payment method for your trip.

If you have a My Fare account, you are also responsible to be logged in prior to boarding.

What happens if I lose my mobile device or buy a new device?

If you lose your device or purchase a new one, you can transfer any valid, unused tickets to a new device. To do so, login to your account from your new device and your unused tickets will be displayed. Please note that tickets on your old device will become invalid.

My Fare users are allowed three device switches over a six-month period.

Please note that ticket transfer is not possible if you do not have a City of Calgary MyID account.

Will the application store my credit card details?

You have an option to save your credit card details in the My Fare app for future transactions.

How is my personal information protected?

My Fare is fully certified and compliant with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI-DSS). All payments communication is fully encrypted via SSL, any sensitive data stored is highly encrypted and systems are constantly monitored for security vulnerabilities.

What is the online customer portal for?

While the best purchase experience is through the My Fare app, the online customer portal provides another option. Some customers prefer not to enter credit card details into their phones, or they buy tickets for others (e.g. their children), and don’t want to share their payment information. The portal allows the transaction to take place online, and the ticket or pass to be pushed to the My Fare app.

Can I use the online portal to buy tickets for my kids?

Yes you can, but you need to be signed into their account(s). The online customer portal only allows you to send tickets or passes to the account you’re signed into. For example, if you sign in using your myID account, you can only send a ticket or pass to your phone. To send one to your child’s phone, you’ll need to sign into the portal using their user name and password.

How do I know the ticket made it to my child's phone?

Once the purchase is complete, the ticket or pass can be found in your child’s ticket wallet. If you don’t see it there right away, tap the sync button in the wallet.

Do I need Wi-Fi or data to use My Fare?

You need a Wi-Fi or data connection to download My Fare, to login into your account and to make a purchase, however, once you have a ticket or pass in your Ticket Wallet, you can activate it and travel without a connection.

As with any online purchasing, you should ensure you have a stable connection to complete your purchase (e.g. use the same Wi-Fi connection for the duration of the transaction).

Why do I keep getting logged out of My Fare app?

This is a security feature of the app. After a 14 days of inactivity, you’ll need to log into your account to use My Fare. This helps protect against unauthorized use of your account.