Applying to be an Electro Mechanic Trainee

Calgary Transit LRT train stopped at a station

Working as an Electro Mechanic Trainee can lead to a career as a Journeyman 1 Electro Mechanic. It’s a one-year training program designed to give you the required skills to become a Journeyman 1 Electro Mechanic. Please review the information below to better understand the job requirements, the recruitment process and the training program.

Who should apply?

  • You are committed to creating a safe work environment.
  • You work well individually and within a team.
  • You are able to interpret and apply information from schematics and repair manuals.
  • You are mechanically inclined.
  • You possess sound judgment and problem-solving skills.
  • You enjoy learning new skills.
  • You have a strong electronic background.

Job requirements

Duties and responsibilities

  • Install and test electrical components such as electrical heaters, control panels, switches, public address systems, electric motors, electric fans, compressors, and generating apparatuses.
  • Identify malfunctions and perform regular maintenance such as periodic inspections and operators reports.
  • Carry out maintenance related to the inspection, overhaul, repair, rebuild, or replacement of the equipment and components of light rail vehicles (LRVs), under the direction of the supervisor.
  • Conduct operational tests on vehicles following completion of modifications, repairs, overhaul, rebuild, or maintenance to ensure efficient and safe operation.
  • Arrange for vehicles to be transferred to the shop.
  • Drive LRVs without passengers.
  • Recover malfunctioning LRVs.
  • Respond to collisions involving LRVs.

Minimum requirements:

  • Completed Journeyman Certificate (Heavy Equipment Technician, Truck & Transport Technician, Automotive Service Technician, or Electric Motor Systems Technician) recognized by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.
  • A valid class 5 driver’s license (not a graduated driver’s license) with no more than six demerits, and no suspensions or charges pending.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a high school diploma or equivalency (e.g. GED).
  • Applicants must have the ability to meet and maintain the medical requirements for LRV operation, which are equivalent to a medical report for a class 2 license.
  • The Electro Mechanic Trainee must complete and pass computer-based modules, the LRV rule book, and a LRV operator’s license without passengers. Failure to successfully complete these will automatically disqualify the trainee from continuing the program. Disqualified employees may re-apply after one year, and must repeat modules that have already been successfully passed.
  • A minimum mark of 70% on an electro-mechanical aptitude assessment exam is required to be considered for an interview.
  • Only one aptitude test can be completed within a 12-month period.
  • Demonstrate independent learning, and proficiency with problem solving and data analysis.

Recruitment process

Applications for the Electro Mechanic Trainee position are only accepted when there is an open job posting.

Applicants who meet all the qualifications may be invited for a written mechanical aptitude test. Typically there are several sittings to accommodate everyone.

Aptitude Test

  • You will be required to take a paper based mechanical aptitude test to see if you are a good fit for this position. Questions will be related to mechanical aptitude, physics, electrical schematics and safety. As this is a competitive process, only the applicants with the highest scores will move to the interview.


  • If you are successful, you will move to the interview. The interview uses The City of Calgary’s targeted selection method. Please bring:
  • Proof of education. If Certification is obtained from a different province, please bring your inter-provincial Red Seal.
  • Two pieces of identification: A driver’s license and another form of government identification, one which must be picture identification.
  • A current (no older than 60 days) driver’s abstract with six demerits or less from all jurisdictions that you have been a licensed driver in the last two years.
  • Three work-related references who have directly supervised you for a minimum of six months.

Pre-hire employment requirement

Reference checks

References must be someone who has directly supervised the applicant for a minimum of six months.

Security clearance

Once you have passed the interview, you must complete an electronic police information check with our agency. You may be required to attend in person for security reasons. You must pay for the security clearance.

Medical exam and tests

Applicants selected for training will be required to take a pre-employment drug test and class 2 medical exam. These exams will be conducted at a specific medical facility and paid for by Calgary Transit.

Job offer

Once everything is completed successfully, a job offer will be conducted a minimum of two weeks prior to training.

Training program

If successful with all recruitment steps, you will be required to complete our training program which is one year in duration.

Training will include a variety of shifts including afternoons, days, weekends and some midnight shifts. Training will be conducted at two separate garages and will include a theory and practical component. Electro Mechanic Trainees must pass the LRV Rulebook and LRV Mainline training to continue in the program.

What should I expect from the program?

Training will focus on all areas of maintenance and repair of LRVs. Theory will be conducted on computers with quizzes on each lesson and an exam at the end of each module. Practical application will take place on the shop floor covering modules learned in the theory portion.

What’s it like to be an Electro Mechanic Trainee?

Working as an Electro Mechanic Trainee is a challenging stepping stone to a rewarding career. As this is a temporary one-year position, once training is completed an Electro Mechanic Trainee must bid on a Journeyman 1 Electro Mechanic position. As a Journeyman 1 Electro Mechanic is a unionized position, hours of work and garage selection will be based on seniority. 


Recruitment process

When can I apply?

Applications are only accepted when there is an open competition.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The whole process can take eight to twelve weeks. Once the top qualified applicants are identified, you will then be invited in for a written test. The top scores from this test will then be invited in for an interview. If you are successful, we would then contact your references, and you must complete a pre-employment drug test and medical. You would also need to complete a security clearance. This would be followed by a job offer two weeks prior to the start of employment.

I met all the minimum qualifications; why wasn’t I chosen?

Minimum qualifications are the minimum required for your application to be considered. As this is a competitive process, we choose the most qualified applicants for the position. This may include a combination of factors such as: pre-hire qualifications, previous experience, training, education and class of driver’s licence.

Am I guaranteed a position once I finish the one year trainee portion?

We do not hire Electro Mechanic Trainees unless there are open positions that can be filled once they graduate. You would have to bid into these positions in seniority.

Is there an aptitude test in the recruitment process that I must pass?

There is a test which tests basic mechanical knowledge and knowledge of electrical circuits, physics, and safety. As this is a competitive posting, only the top scores will move on to the interview stage.

How would I study for the Electro Mechanic Trainee aptitude test?

The test covers basic mechanical principles such as electrical components, schematics, physics, diagnostic components and safety.

What type of certifications do I need to apply?

You will need either a completed Automotive Services Technician certification, Electric Motor Systems Technician certification, or a four-year Heavy Equipment Technician certificate that is valid and up to date in your province of issue. (Red seal preferred).


If I am hired permanently after the one year trainee position, what would my shifts be?

Shifts are filled by seniority. There would be a very good chance of working midnights, but this will depend on what shifts are available at the time.

What type of shifts will I work as an Electro Mechanic Trainee?

Mostly day and afternoon shifts but there may be some midnight and weekend shifts.

What does Training consist of?

There is a theory and practical component of training. Basically, you would learn the theory portion of a module and then apply the learning in a practical setting. Each shift and garage may have different learning opportunities. Once a basic knowledge is established on components and the make-up of the train car, you will have a chance to inspect, repair, replace or rebuild these components. You will also be paired with experienced Electros to better understand the diagnostic process.

Do I have to pass tests during my year of training?

Each module on the computer will have quizzes to help you better understand the information. There will be an exam at the end of each module. For the hands on training portion you will have OJT’S (On the job training forms). Once a task is completed and understood the appropriate OJT can be signed off. 

Working conditions

Where will I work?

We have two garages that you could work from. Oliver Bowen in the city’s north east is primarily for heavy mechanical overhaul such as bogeys pantograph, HVAC, brake components and couplers. Anderson Garage in the south west is mainly for electrical components overhaul and rebuild. Both garages perform routine maintenance and inspections on the cars. Most work will take place within the facility but there is also work outside at times. 

Are tools provided?

For the most part they are. You will have to bring in certain hand tools but mostly we will provide tools. There is also a yearly tool allowance to help you purchase tools. A small roll cabinet will be provided and you can bring a top box or whatever you choose. Due to the nature of the worksite and movement between sites you will not need to bring a large roll cab.

How does vacation work?

Your vacation is based on the hours worked your previous year. Vacation selection is based on seniority. Not all weeks may be available as a new employee. Vacation is approved depending on operational needs on each shift and garage. Planned first and second picks are submitted early in the year.

How do benefits and pension work?

This information can be found on the City of Calgary recruiting page and within the current ATU583 collective agreement posted. Your pension contributions do not start until you complete training and bid into an established position as training is done on a limited term position and not eligible.

Do I get to drive a train?

Yes of course! Road testing is a part of many of the repairs and inspections. Electro Mechanics are solely responsible to recover breakdowns and trains involved in collisions.